Creating video content for the web is an art form that requires skill and experience. St. Louis Web Video Production is a leader in the field, offering a wide range of video production styles to meet the needs of any project.

Use cinema-grade cameras and lenses when shooting as this video quality shows.

The majority of traffic on the internet is now driven by web video productions. This is a fantastic tool for getting your business, product, or service out in the public eye. In such a heavily saturated market, it can be hard to make your web video stand out. We make sure your videos reach their full potential with the help of digital cinema.

What Are Web Videos and Why Should You Put Money Into Them?

Businesses often rely on web videos to promote their company, product, or service. These videos can be composed of custom footage, stock recordings, animation, voice-overs, and music. Generally, web videos created by businesses have the following objectives:

Concentrate all efforts on one objective and a particular group of people.

Aim to teach, amuse or motivate people to take action.

Aim to drive more visitors to websites.

They are considered an essential part of present-day websites.

For companies with an audience looking for regular updates, it is essential to invest in web video production.

What Are The Most Effective Strategies For Utilizing Web Videos?

When it comes to a website video, it is beneficial to take into account the potential for a larger viewership. Therefore, the following should be considered.

Identifying your target demographic is essential.

Establish your key points, and takeaways, or ask for action.

Plan the number of web videos you wish to create, as well as when you will distribute them.

Make the most of your time by creating multiple videos simultaneously.

Keep the length of your videos brief; try to stay under 2 minutes.

Nowadays, the majority of internet traffic is video-based, meaning that web video production is a key element in building an online presence for your business, product, or service. To enhance your skills in this area, start with a project and strive to continually improve with each new endeavor.

To begin a video production, the first step is to start planning out what you want to do. Think about the purpose of your video, what type of message you want to convey, and the format you want to use. After you have a general idea of what you’re trying to create, you can move on to the logistics of the project. Gather the necessary materials and equipment, create a script, and find the right people to help you with any aspects of the production. Once you have everything in place, you can start shooting and editing the video.

Shooting a web testimonial video on location with producer and camera operator.
Shooting a web testimonial video on location with producer and camera operator.

What Is Involved In Generating Web Videos?

When working on a video, the process follows a step-by-step progression: first Pre-Production, then Production, and finally Post-Production.

Establish who your desired viewers are, the main message, and the tone to be used.

Determine the storytelling style (e.g. onscreen host or voice-over) that best fits the objectives set out.

If you are recording a live-action video – locate and secure a suitable filming site.

If you are making an animation – create storyboards that present its appearance/feel, as well as the details to be highlighted and transitional effects.

Record or animate the web video.

Edit, complete graphics/animation, sound mix and finish.

These are simply ideas to help you get started. Since web videos are still quite fresh, there is a large degree of flexibility when making them. Have fun and remain true to your brand and you’ll be successful!

What Are Some Ways to Make My Web Videos Stand Out?

The internet is teeming with video content, though the quality is often questionable due to the lower-grade cameras or smartphones used to produce it. We feel that the potential of cinema-style visuals can be a great asset to brands and help to attract customers. To get that cinematic style in your web video, here are some suggestions:

Make sure to create the emotion(s) you hope to evoke in your crowd (emotions will most likely be remembered more than facts).

Get expert talent and hire a professional production team.

Use cinema-grade cameras and lenses when shooting.

Do not be negligent when it comes to gaffers. Lighting is essential to getting a cinematic feel.

Include animation and stylistic graphics when it is suitable.

Using an alternate arrangement of words, the same message can be conveyed:

The Internet has become an essential element of everyday life, from accessing news and entertainment to conducting business and communicating with others. In modern times, it is almost impossible to imagine life without the internet.

Creating a website may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, constructing a website can be relatively straightforward and simple. Developing a web page doesn’t have to be an arduous task; instead, it can be done in a few easy steps.

Discover how St. Louis Web Video Production can make your web video production stand out by delving into these topics and more. To learn more, simply click on the link below.  I am confident that St. Louis Web Video Production will deliver an excellent final product when we collaborate on a project.

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The Right Way To Start Your Video Project

When you think of starting a video project, your mind might immediately conjure images of sprawling sets or anxious actors. Though those elements are certainly components of the production process, there’s much more to it than that. If you’re interested in creating a video project—perhaps as part of your school curriculum or simply as an independent venture—there are several things you should know first. From understanding what a “video project” is to knowing the different types of video projects available, this guide will prepare you for your upcoming venture.

What Is A Video Project?

A video project is any piece of content that leverages the unique medium of video to convey a message or solve a problem. Such projects can be anything from short promotional videos to documentary series or even full-length feature films. Each of these content types is associated with a distinct business problem that video can help to solve, such as increasing brand visibility, driving sales, or creating a positive impact. The most important thing to remember is that each of these projects requires a unique creative approach.

Types of Video Projects

Video projects are typically classified based on their duration, subject matter, and format. – Short-form content: This type of project usually takes the form of a promotional video, behind-the-scenes content, or a simple interview. – Long-form content: In general, any project that lasts longer than 10 minutes falls into this category. Long-form content can include documentaries, episodic series, and educational content. – Branded content: This type of video combines long-form content and promotional video elements. – Viral content: Viral videos often take the form of short-form content. – Live video: With the rise of social media, companies have begun hosting online events. – Format-based projects: Many brands create videos to showcase their product in action.

How to Start a Video Project

The first step toward launching a video project is to understand your goals for the project. – What problem are you trying to solve? This is an important question to ask yourself before starting a video project. If you’re creating a video to serve no business purpose, it will most likely fall flat. Instead, you want to clearly understand the problem or issue you’re trying to solve so that your video resonates with your audience. – What are ways to solve this problem? You can solve a problem in a variety of ways, but you’ll want to pinpoint the best way to solve it. For example, let’s say you work at a car dealership and want to increase sales. You could create a video explaining how to trade in a vehicle. But you could also create a video about why you should buy a new car when your car is running well. – Who are you trying to reach? This is perhaps the most important question. If you don’t know who you’re trying to reach, your video won’t resonate as deeply with your audience. Instead, you want to know the specific demographics, interests, and passions of the people you’re trying to reach. This information will help you tailor your video to fit your audience’s needs.

Defining your goals

While the previous section outlines the general process of starting a video project, it’s important to also define your goals for the video. Ultimately, these two factors will guide the rest of the production process. – What do you want to achieve? In general, you want to achieve a certain outcome from your video. This could include anything from increasing brand visibility to increasing sales. – How will your video reach those goals? Once you understand what you want to achieve, you’ll want to figure out how your video will reach those goals. This could include everything from the script to the type of actors you hire.

st louis web video company crew on location
st louis web video company crew on location

Writing a script

Once you’ve defined your goals for the video, you’ll want to start writing a script. A script is the blueprint for your video and will contain every word, shot, and aspect of the video. – What is your story? To start writing a script, you need to know your story. What is the central problem that you’re trying to solve? What is the central message? – Who are you trying to reach? You also need to know who you’re trying to reach. This will help you tailor your script to fit your audience’s needs. – What is the best way to tell your story? You also need to know how to best tell your story. Will you use actors to tell your story, or will you create a documentary? What is the best way to engage your audience and solve the problem you’re trying to solve?

When to hire talent and when to use crew?

There are certain situations where you’ll want to hire talent and others where you’ll want to hire a crew. You might hire actors to appear in a short promotional video or use a crew to create a long-form educational video. There are no steadfast rules here, and it largely depends on the project. – Hiring actors. When you hire actors, you’ll want to be sure to create a detailed script that outlines their performance. This will help your actors understand their lines and guide their performance. – Hiring a crew. When hiring a crew, you’ll want to have a detailed shot list that outlines all necessary shots for your project. This will help your crew break down the project and understand exactly what shots they need to capture for your video.

Decide on your shooting location

The last step before you start filming is to decide on the shooting location. This will depend on the type of video you’re creating. – Promotional video. A promotional video is often shot in a studio. This allows you to control the entire environment and create the perfect look. – Long-form video. You might shoot long-form videos in a studio, on a set, or out in the field. Be sure to account for weather conditions, and remember that certain environments are easier to control than others.


Video projects are an increasingly important part of the modern business landscape. They allow companies to engage with audiences and convey information in a way that can’t be replicated by any other medium. Your approach to video projects will depend largely on the type of project you’re creating and the goals you hope to achieve from the video. Once you understand the process of creating a video project, you can start to craft the perfect video.

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Create Training Videos That Provide Useful and Informative Information to Your Viewers

Video content is one of the most powerful ways to reach your target audience, especially when it comes to e-learning. With just a couple of minutes of video content, you can create a training program that will provide employees with essential information and boost their productivity. Training videos are also a great opportunity to strengthen your brand image, demonstrate your company values, and boost your employee engagement as well as retention by creating an engaging employee experience. Creating a training video is not only beneficial but also quite easy to do if you follow these steps:

Create a script based on your existing training manual

A great way to start creating an effective video is by taking your existing training manual and creating a script that is based on that. This will help you create an e-learning video that exists exclusively for the purpose of teaching employees how to do their jobs while also reinforcing your company culture.

Tips for Creating a Great E-Learning Video

– Be clear and concise – Your video content should be short and simple and focused on the essential concepts. – Use B-roll to illustrate your points – B-roll is footage that is not the main topic of your video but is used to illustrate your points and allow for a better understanding of the concepts. – Use subtitles and captions – Add subtitles to your video to allow for better accessibility and optimize it for different audiences. – Make sure that you include your company branding – Your video content should reflect and reinforce your company brand.

Record your voiceover and B-roll

After you have created your script, you can start recording a voiceover and B-roll that will illustrate your points. Having both of these elements in your video will give it additional information and will make it more informative and useful for your employees. Also, make sure to get your voiceover recorded by a voice talent or a native speaker. Using a non-native speaker can create confusion and misunderstanding for your viewers.

Web multimedia training videos

Add your branding

After you are done with all the above steps, the last and final step is to add your branding to the video. You can achieve this by adding your logo at the end of the video and/or your company colors. Adding your company branding to your video will help your employees associate the information in your video with your brand, which will make the information in your video even more useful and applicable to their day-to-day tasks. Now that you know how to create a training video, it’s time to start building your e-learning program. Create your video and then distribute it across multiple channels, including your employee portal, video streaming service, and social media channels. Your video can also be embedded as a part of your company website or blog. Having your video available online will allow your employees to access your training program anywhere and at any time.

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St Louis Video Production | Web Multimedia

While every multimedia project is unique, we’re here to identify and implement a cost-effective video production strategy that will allow you to seamlessly leverage video production and photography services in St Louis or anywhere for your organization. Our process will take you from identifying the creative direction for the project through production, and post-production.

We’ll help you make a video production crew connection, so you don’t have to spend a long time searching for one on your local video production directories. Need event videography for your web video, promotional video, political video, and testimonial. We can have your video production, photography, audio and post production needs covered.

We provide complete multimedia production crews to some of the world’s best-known companies, and proudly work with over many of the Fortune 500. We also provide crews for small firms as well. Regardless of the size of your company or project, if you’re in St Louis, call upon our video crews. We always have creative teams available.

Rob Haller, 314.604.6544

9910 Claywood Court St. Louis, MO 63126

Videos for Every Business Objective.

Testimonials will add depth to your case studies by showing the impact of your products and services.

Thought leadership to showcase your perspective on industry trends.

Event wraps that show how your company engages with customers and prospects.

Animated demo/explainers to give an overview of a product, highlight findings from a data report or address customer concerns.

Company overviews to tell your company’s story, detail your offerings and articulate what makes your brand so unique.

Culture videos that engage employees, share your company’s values, recruit top talent and build brand loyalty.

Whether you’re looking to drive brand awareness, increase social engagement or boost conversions, we can work with your team to produce the high-impact multimedia to make those goals a reality.

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Media production | Marketing campaigns | Web advertising

For agencies, PR firms, SEO and web developers looking for a trusted, value based company to rely on.

Video should work cohesively with your business goals so that your investment directly supports those objectives. One video is not a video marketing strategy and most businesses will create a wide array of video content.

Full-service creative development, strategy, and production for websites and traditional media, events, launches, festivals, retail and professional services.

website branding with professional video and photography marketing campaigns

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Commercial video production for your website and social media.

st louis video company corporate communications web video

Our Video crews create outstanding corporate training and educational videos in the St Louis region for companies and business. We are a full production service, offering the creation a training video nearly from scratch and or simply film classes, seminars, or demonstrations.  Our creative event videographers capture everything from keynote speeches to candid interactions and of course b-roll video from the event.  We are also a corporate photography service provider.

Our primary mission and passion is to tell our clients’ stories, and help share their message with video. We provide corporate, event, employee training, music, fashion, web, and TV video production to do just that. We offer professional High Definition (HD) video production services with high quality craftsmanship in all phases of production, including concept creation, scripts and storyboards, talent and location scouting, on-location or in studio production, digital editing, graphic design and animation, and media methods and distribution strategies.

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Web marketing with video production.

Website video production is one of the most effective tools that successful brands utilize to captivate their target audiences and establish brand identity. Companies utilize all of their media for the web. A digital marketing campaign provides a platform to efficiently communicate brand messaging, tell a compelling story, or speak directly to your target consumer.

The best businesses implement strong web video content into their advertising campaigns to evoke emotion and trigger a response, which either drives traffic, improves awareness, or boosts sales.

We were fortunate to shoot for the Steve Harvey Show in their broadcast and web video production needs in St Louis with Pappy’s Smokehouse. Great American Food Fight Ribs Edition.

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St Louis web video production company.

Interview & B-roll Video Production

We have a private studio and can shoot on greenscreen plus provide a teleprompter for your next project.

Whether it is a client testimonial, staff bio or simply a direct call to action to promote your product or service, interviews are a great way of connecting with your customers on a personal level. We bring together the right location, lighting, sound and script to help you communicate your message with confidence.

Can I use a teleprompter?  Absolutely. Since there will already be a computer on set for the talent to see the interviewer, it’s possible to display that image on a screen over the camera lens. If you want to use a teleprompter, just let us know.

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Medical marketing in St Louis

Physician Profile Videos

These types of videos are designed to give potential patients or customers a sense of who the doctor is. Each video lets the viewer learn about the doctor, find out about his or her education, training, philosophy, specialty, and hobbies. It’s an effective way for viewers to get a clearer picture of the person they are considering. These type of interview and narrative story telling video is much more effective than putting together short clips of the doctor. This same style can be used for any professional who wants to let customers or patients get to know them before the actual meeting.

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