Create Training Videos That Provide Useful and Informative Information to Your Viewers

Video content is one of the most powerful ways to reach your target audience, especially when it comes to e-learning. With just a couple of minutes of video content, you can create a training program that will provide employees with essential information and boost their productivity. Training videos are also a great opportunity to strengthen your brand image, demonstrate your company values, and boost your employee engagement as well as retention by creating an engaging employee experience. Creating a training video is not only beneficial but also quite easy to do if you follow these steps:

Create a script based on your existing training manual

A great way to start creating an effective video is by taking your existing training manual and creating a script that is based on that. This will help you create an e-learning video that exists exclusively for the purpose of teaching employees how to do their jobs while also reinforcing your company culture.

Tips for Creating a Great E-Learning Video

– Be clear and concise – Your video content should be short and simple and focused on the essential concepts. – Use B-roll to illustrate your points – B-roll is footage that is not the main topic of your video but is used to illustrate your points and allow for a better understanding of the concepts. – Use subtitles and captions – Add subtitles to your video to allow for better accessibility and optimize it for different audiences. – Make sure that you include your company branding – Your video content should reflect and reinforce your company brand.

Record your voiceover and B-roll

After you have created your script, you can start recording a voiceover and B-roll that will illustrate your points. Having both of these elements in your video will give it additional information and will make it more informative and useful for your employees. Also, make sure to get your voiceover recorded by a voice talent or a native speaker. Using a non-native speaker can create confusion and misunderstanding for your viewers.

Web multimedia training videos

Add your branding

After you are done with all the above steps, the last and final step is to add your branding to the video. You can achieve this by adding your logo at the end of the video and/or your company colors. Adding your company branding to your video will help your employees associate the information in your video with your brand, which will make the information in your video even more useful and applicable to their day-to-day tasks. Now that you know how to create a training video, it’s time to start building your e-learning program. Create your video and then distribute it across multiple channels, including your employee portal, video streaming service, and social media channels. Your video can also be embedded as a part of your company website or blog. Having your video available online will allow your employees to access your training program anywhere and at any time.

Mike Haller
St Louis Video Producer
St Louis, Missouri, USA | Video Production

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