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Creative Web design and programming since the web began. And we specialize in video production for the internet.

Working Locally, Creating Globally.

Many of our web customers reach global markets.

We are here to help them and we would like to help you also!

Portable and studio green screen video for the web. St. Louis, MO

How does one begin to design and build the best website?  Be sure to add video content but listed here is much, much more.

To make your website most productive, please consider the following :

A good website is the product of a professional process from start to finish.

Well-written, engaging and concise content, checked for spelling and grammar.

Medical Websites with photography and video

High quality photos or images, showing details and/or providing the ability to enlarge.

A pleasing design that supports your message; good design is good business.

Proper technical execution with attention to details. (scroll to continue)



1) Business Goals

Are you a new or established business?

Describe your business; who you are, what you do, your industry/competitors, and your target market.

What are your business values/ethics and goals?

Do you have an existing identity, need one created, or want a makeover?

If you already have an identity, provide samples of your existing print materials.

Provide a digital copy of your logo (.ai or .eps files preferred)

What would you like your website to accomplish?

Consider user tasks; when users visit your website, what are they actually trying to do?

Bennett Metal Products

Bennett Metal Products

Who will be your audience? Consider demographics: age, gender, interests, income, politics, location, etc.

What are some example sites you like and why? (Style, colors, layout, organization, content, etc.)

How often do you anticipate updating the website?

Do you intend to maintain the website yourself? What portions of the website?

Do you have an existing plan or marketing strategy to promote the website?

What is your target launch date for the website?

What are the factors surrounding this deadline?

What is your budget for the website? For maintenance? For promotion?

Continental Disc Corporation

Continental Disc Corporation

2) Content & Functionality

Your content and images will greatly inform the design and layout of your website.

Text: Concise, yet detailed content is the most effective on the web. Remember it is an information medium. Provide your text content in its final draft in a digital format. Plain text (.txt) or Word (.doc) files are preferred. Additional writing and editing services available; ask for details.

Images: Do you have existing images? (High-quality, high-resolution digital files are generally required.)

Make sure you have the usage rights to any images you will be using. Consider the use of our photographic services, either at your location or in our studio. We will portray your buisiness in a better light.

Determine sitemap by separating topics into pages; eg. Homepage, About/Company, etc.

SR Automotive & Diversified Products

SR Automotive & Diversified Products

Navigation: The number of pages and titles will determine whether the navigation runs horizontally (best for under 6 short-worded options or sections with dropdowns) or vertically down one side.

Also think about whether you envision future expansion, as you will want a more flexible design to avoid a redesign later, unless that is also in your plans!

Consider additional functionality: newsletter/mailing list, events calendar, feature/news box, product catalog/database, shopping cart, blog, photo gallery, flash animation/video, etc. Our sister firm, Angel Eye Productions is a creative servcies firm and a woman business enterprise.

SR Corporate

SR Corporate

3) Design – The Look & Feel

What are your preferences, if any?

Feeling: Earthy? Rustic? Folksy? Ethnic? Calming? Soothing? Exciting? Chic? Sophisticated?

Professional? Conservative? Minimalist? Industrial? Modern? Funky? Themed? Fun? Kids?

Layout: Airy/open? Divided? Balanced? Asymmetrical? Color: Light or dark? High or low contrast? Warm or cool? Monotone or multi-color?

Saturated or unsaturated? Neutral?

Fonts: Do you have a preference? Serif or sans-Serif? Serif fonts for the web include Courier New, Georgia, and Times New Roman. Sans-serif fonts for the web include Arial, Trebuchet, Verdana.

SR Corporate Intranet

SR Corporate Intranet

4) Domain Registration & Hosting

Do you have a domain name (yourcompany.com)?

IF YES: Provide access information: registrar, username, and password

IF NO: What would you like the domain name to be? (subject to availability)

Do you have a hosting account?

IF YES: Provide FTP access: hostname, username, and password

IF NO: I can assist you with setup of a hosting account.

St. Louis Location Scout & Manager

St. Louis Location Scout & Manager

5) Additional Design/Print Work

Any existing items with which to maintain consistency? Provide samples.


Format? Sizes? Paper stock? Colors? (Pantone vs. CMYK)

Any text content is required in final draft in a digital format. Plain text (.txt) or Word (.doc) files are preferred. Additional writing and editing services available; ask for details. Images are required in very high resolution versions; 300 dpi minimum.

North American Carbide

North American Carbide

We’re here to help. We can also optimize your web for the search engine spiders through our search engine optimization (seo). And we can assist in marketing your web through our search engine marketing (sem) programs.

Sensidyne Corporation

Sensidyne Corporation

Creative Web design, programming and marketing since the web began.

What can we create for you?

Rob Haller 314.604.6544 robh@hallerconcepts.com

9910 Claywood Court St. Louis, MO 63126

Groth Corporation

Groth Corporation

The Groth Corporation is a leader in pressure systems protection.

Abolition News Network TV

Abolition News Network TV

ANN – The Abolition News Network offers educational DVD’s for students to learn about U.S. history.

BCC – is an excellent source for new business generation. We have been utilizing their services since 2008 and are extremely pleased with the results.

Rob Haller, 314.604.6544


9910 Claywood Court  St. Louis, MO 63126