That’s me, Rob Haller, on the left, LOL.

Rob Haller, 314.604.6544

9910 Claywood Court St. Louis, MO 63126

We serve the entire Saint Louis metropolitan area, which includes the city of Saint Louis and its surrounding areas and counties. Illinois, too, can be served by us. Production professionals, directions, contacts, and production experts are available. If you need a shoot to be handled, we can provide everything from cameras to teleprompters, green screens, and more. We may also provide tripods, lights, HD monitors and microphones. Let us know!

Our digital equipment is sufficient to handle any job that requires remote photography and video. That’s why we are able to efficiently weave both photography and video simultaneously. We are also able to capture small sets and shoot products or individuals. Our studio allows us to shoot table-top setups all the way to full-extension jib shots.