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Mike Haller St Louis Videographer – Video Producer and Director, StL Web Video

Web videos are still a relatively new medium, so there is a lot of liberty in how they are created. You will succeed if you enjoy them and stay true to your company!

How Are Web Videos Made?

A video production follows a linear flow from Pre-Production to Post-Production:

Identify your target market, message focus, and voice.

Choose a narrative method (such as an onscreen presenter or voiceover) that best suits your intended objectives.

Secure and identify the best spot to film your live action video.

Develop storyboards to illustrate the look and feel of your animation, as well as the information you wish to emphasise and transitional effects.

Create a live action or animated film based on one of your web videos.

Finish up the graphics/animation, sound mix, and finishing up of the film.

Web videos are still a relatively new medium, so there is a lot of flexibility in how they are produced. You will do well if you have fun with them and stay true to your brand.

Web video media for training and marketing

Our web videos are professionally directed and produced to achieve maximum exposure for your services or products. Our producers are very internet savvy when it comes to getting search results on the internet.

We produce and edit quite a large volume of work for video for the web.  St. Louis web designers really appreciate our deep background in creating and producing videos for websites. We also have a green screen cyclorama wall at our shooting studio in south St. Louis County.

Rob Haller, 314.604.6544


9910 Claywood Court St. Louis, MO 63126

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