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Mike Haller St Louis Videographer – Video Producer and Director, StL Web Video

Web videos are still a relatively new medium, so there is a lot of liberty in how they are created. You will succeed if you enjoy them and stay true to your company!

What is the Process for Creating Videos for the Web?

The process of video production progresses through a sequence that starts with Pre-Production and ends with Post-Production.

Discover who your desired demographic is, what your primary message should be, and the tone you should use.

When deciding how to best communicate your objectives, consider selecting a narrative approach, such as utilizing an onscreen presenter or a voiceover.

Locating the most appropriate place to film your live action video is essential.

Creating storyboards will help you to visualise the design of your animation, the content which should be highlighted, and the transitions.

Constructing a movie, either live-action or animated, based on one of your web videos is an idea to consider.

Wrapping up the visuals/motion, sound blending, and completing the movie.

Although web videos are still in their infancy, the way they are created is not limited. If you enjoy the process and remain faithful to your identity, you will be successful.

Web video media for training and marketing

Our videos crafted for the web are skillfully directed and created to obtain the utmost visibility for your goods or services. Our producers are very knowledgeable in regards to obtaining online search results.

Our organization has extensive experience creating and producing videos for web pages, which St. Louis web designers find highly valuable. Additionally, our shooting studio located in south St. Louis County contains a green screen cyclorama wall. We produce and edit quite a sizable amount of video material for the web.

Rob Haller, 314.604.6544


9910 Claywood Court St. Louis, MO 63126

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