Why Choose St Louis Web Video Production for Your Video Editing Services?

Our professional background includes experience in video creation, filming, and editing, as well as marketing & communication. That means we have the complete skill set to create, communicate, and convert. Having a HD quality video is simply not enough in today’s competitive landscape. You need an experienced St Louis Web Video Production team that understands your online marketing goals and can partner with you to achieve them.

When you choose our crew, you’ve added a valuable team member. We’re committed to producing the best product and staying under your production budget. Our pricing structure is affordable and competitive in the Corporate Video Filming industry.

We offer a rare service in that we specialize in Web Video Production, web development, and search engine optimization. This means every element of your video – from background colors to the file name – is fully optimized for search engines and potential visitors.

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st louis video post production

No matter what your production, we have the right creative production team of video experts, plus all the latest professional equipment and technical support to make your video project a success.  Post production can enhance the feel of any video.  Notice the soothing and calming effect of the video for this particular product.  Soft focus, soothing sounds, quite serene.  Creating the right environment for your message is as important as the message itself.


St Louis Video Post Production provides the following editing and video services.

HD Digital Editing

Video Effects and Graphics

Color Correction

Video Animation


Digital Media Authoring

Audio Recording Studio

Sound Mixing/Design




Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Production



st louis web video production | video production studio

st louis video production for the internet is one of our specialties.  We shoot a number of video programs and newsletters specifically for the web.  This internet video was produced and shot on location and in our studio in St. Louis, Missouri.

st louis web video production

st louis web video production

Note the videographer with headphones on checking sound quality as he videotapes a rehearsal for the upcoming production, just minutes away!

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web video production st louis

Internet video production st louis.

A fun night shoot for a car commercial.  Videotaping in downtown st louis for a car commercial.  The project was assigned by an advertising agency and with the storyboards in hand they said go at it.  So we did!  We shot for a day and a half at various St Louis landmark areas day and night.  St Louis Missouri location scout Mike Haller organized and setup the logistics for the entire st louis video production.

web video production st louis mo

web video production st louis mo

Rob Haller, 314.604.6544


9910 Claywood Court St. Louis, MO 63126

st louis web video production company | video streaming | st louis video

St louis web video production.

We are a full-service web video production company specializing in the development and delivery of corporate video production for the web.

We specialize in taking challenging and diffi‑cult-to-explain topics and producing eff­ective and engaging video campaigns that create a personal connection with the viewer and deliver clear, concise information in an impressive and professional video package.

We are the pros when it comes to digital video production and proper delivery strategy to the desktop, mobile device and broadcast tv.  Online video works all the time!


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9910 Claywood Court  St. Louis, MO 63126